Trident make world’s fastest diesel sports car available

Posted on 30 Apr 2014 by The Manufacturer

British sports car brand Trident has announced the global availability of its Iceni sports car, the world’s fastest and most fuel efficient diesel sports vehicle.

The vehicle, which has a top speed exceeding 190mph while being able to run for 2000 miles on a single tank of mineral or bio-diesel, uses torque multiplication technology to achieve its feats.

Trident has also unveiled two additional vehicles, the fastback Iceni Magna and the Venturer, its estate model, with each car now available with a starting price of £96,000.

Daniel Monaghan, co-founder of Trident, said: “We have worked extremely hard to reach this point and the whole Trident team is thrilled to be bringing the world’s most fuel-efficient diesel sports cars to market.”

Trident, which designs and manufactures its vehicles in Norfolk, has patented a method of using torque multiplication to reach performance and efficiency, which it incorporates into all of its vehicles.

Phil Bevan, designer & founder of Trident, added: “The Trident cars deliver incredible speed and performance combined with outstanding fuel efficiency, achieved through our unique torque multiplication technology.”