Truphone launches service to surpass EU roaming regulation

Posted on 3 Jun 2014 by The Manufacturer

Mobile network operator Truphone has launched Truphone World, a service enabling customers to surpass EU roaming regulations in 66 countries.

The new release, which aims to give businesses peace of mind as they move across global business hubs, allows users to use their mobile device in the same way they do at home after Truphone extending added 58 new countries to the existing eight.

It is also set to eclipse the forthcoming EU mobile roaming regulations, which will bring down the cost of using mobile devices across the EU 28 member states in December 2015.

Steve Robertson, chief executive officer of Truphone, said the release is another step in the company’s drive to make its customers more productive across the 66 countries known as the Truphone Zone, which include the USA, Mexico, Brazil and China.

In these countries, users can get up to eight international numbers on a single SIM card, so their contacts can reach them on a local number and at local rates, wherever they are in the world.

“Last year data usage increased five-fold in some places; and the internet has added a new dimension to international trade,” said Mr Robertson.

“Right now, business urgently need to bring down the cost of roaming – waiting 18 months for limited EU roaming regulations to come into force isn’t enough for businesses competing in the global economy.”

James Tagg, chief technology officer and founder of Truphone, added: “Mobile phones should work in the same way as the internet; without regard for international borders.

“Truphone World will fundamentally change the way businesses behave internationally.”

In anticipation of the increased demand for international data usage that Truphone World will bring, the company is also expected to launch further bundles it says will be bigger and more competitive.