TUC visits Forgemasters

Posted on 20 Jun 2011 by The Manufacturer

General secretary of the TUC Brendan Barber praises the management’s modern approach to business at a recent visit to steel components company Sheffield Forgemasters. Mr Barber was accompanied by the TUC’s secretary for Yorkshire and Humber, Bill Adams.

The two met with management and shop stewards to discuss the company’s combined strategies for employment and high-tech manufacture. Barber praised Forgemasters’ approach to leading the field in such a difficult market, and paid compliments to the steps the company’s management has taken to work with trade unions to establish a motivated and dedicated workforce.

“I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to tour this iconic plant and look at the work being done here. Sheffield Forgemasters is a hugely important manufacturer working at the leading edge of its industry,” reported Barber after the visit. “What is really important to see is the value that this business places on cementing good relationships with trade unions.”

Forgemasters continues to secure international contracts and as a result is growing on an international scale quickly. The global company continues to tap into the fastest growing heavy engineering sectors and maintaining a market lead in niche products.

Peter Birtles, non-executive director of Sheffield Forgemasters, said: “The chequered past of British engineering means that over the years, trades unions and management have had a difficult time just trying to maintain dialogue.”

He added: “However, in this company, many of the shop floor staff are actually shareholders and this, along with heavy investment in training and apprenticeships, has helped to create a strong working relationship between trade unions and management.”

George Archer