Turn up your volume of productivity with music

Posted on 12 May 2010 by The Manufacturer

Performing Rights Society: Playing music at work can lead to a happier and more motivated workforce and could increase the productivity of your business as a result.

That’s according to research by MusicWorks, which surveyed 2,000 people working across various industries and found that: 82% said staff morale improves when good music is played at work, and 77% said that they are more productive when good music is being played.

Other studies have shown an increase of up to 35% in productivity when fast-paced music is played to teams carrying out routine activities. This is clear evidence that playing good music can make a real difference to the working atmosphere and help boost the productivity of your employees.

If your business also involves day-to-day contact with customers, you can use music effectively to influence their perception of your company.

Whether it’s music played to callers on hold, or a TV in your reception area, there are many small ways that music can help you make a great first impression.

Make sure you’re licensed to play Many people are unaware that playing music for staff and customers at work does come with a small upfront fee, as any business that plays music needs clearance to do so from the owners of that music.

A licence from PRS for Music gives you the legal permission you need to play the music you want, however you wish to use it.

What it costs We know that times are tough for many businesses at the moment and every penny counts. So last year we introduced a new Music Licence for workplaces with four or fewer workers that costs as little as £44 a year . Larger businesses pay a tailored price depending on the amount of music they play and the size of their premises. So getting a music licence doesn’t have to break the bank.

We’re waiving our higher rate – for a limited time only You may be using music already, but do not have a licence. If this is the case, a higher rate normally applies in the first year of your licence. The good news is we’re currently waiving this rate – a reduction of 33% – if you call us today. We regularly contact businesses across the country to assess whether they play music, so it’s worth contacting us first to avoid paying the higher rate.

Factory owners are increasingly aware of how music can boost staff morale and positively affect their business. With 20% more factories in the UK buying a licence from PRS for Music in the last two years, using music in the manufacturing sector has never been more popular.

PRS for Music collects royalties on behalf of songwriters, publishers and composers. Nearly 90% of our income goes to them so they can keep on making music.

For more information or to buy a Music Licence, call us on: 0800 694 7338 quoting ‘The Manufacturer’ or visit www.prsformusic.com