Two manufacturers combine carbon capabilities

Posted on 8 Nov 2012

Engineering Carbon Products (ECP) has partnered up with the carbon specialist Morgan AM&T, giving them access to a wide new range of carbon-based materials.

ECP will focus on industrial brush applications and can now offer carbon brushes in Morganite grades with their usual one to two day standard lead times, as well as their emergency same-day service.

Director at ECP, Steve Rolinson commented on the access his company now has to the range of new carbon grade materials: “The supply of a selected range of materials from Morganite to ECP offers continued high service levels combined with premium Morganite grades.”

ECP is able to tap into some of Morganite’s extensive and market leading portfolio of materials, and the scope for further business opportunities across all industry sectors is enhanced. The range of new materials means ECP now has access to a much wider range of industries.

ECP is also expanding its already comprehensive range of ancillary items, with a new brochure available soon for all brush holders and maintenance products.

The firm is celebrating a double achievement this year – 47 years in manufacturing and a record turnover.