UK food and drink exports are the flavour of the month

Posted on 13 Oct 2011 by The Manufacturer

UK exports of food and non-alcoholic drinks have performed extremely well in the first half of the year, growing 13.1% cent to £5.8bn says the Food and Drink Federation.

According to the latest UK food and drink export statistics from the FDF, exports of dairy products were the best performing sector in the first half of 2011 (as it was for the first half in 2010), registering growth of 30.5% to £607.2m. This was largely driven by butter (+132%) and cheese (+57.5%).

Fruit and vegetable exports were up 29.6 per cent to £498.6 million, driven by seeds and grains (+119.3 per cent) and fresh vegetables (+16.6 per cent).

Meat and animal products were up 18.4% to £819.5m, driven largely by beef (+32.9%), which has overtaken lamb as the leading meat category.

Fish and seafood exports grew 15% to £695.5m, including a 26.1% growth in the fresh fish market. This growth included a 36.2% increase in the key fresh salmon sector. Fresh salmon now makes up 74% of total fresh fish exports.

Key added value grocery products faired well over the first half with the majority of sectors going up and only a handful going down.

On the increase: Breakfast Cereals (+4.7 to £196.3m); Chocolate (+9.7% to £182.4m);
Soft Drinks (+14.7% to £181.6m); and Sweet Biscuits (+11.3% to £115.4 million).

On the decresase: Sugar Confectionery (-19.0% to £188.9m); Cakes (-5.9% to £83.2m); Crisps (-1.2% to £28.1m); and Sausages (-21.7% to £6.3m).