UK Industry sets out priorities to make Advanced Air Mobility a reality

Posted on 22 Mar 2023 by The Manufacturer

In a report released today by ADS, the UK trade association for aerospace, defence, security and space organisations, UK industry sets out its key priorities for the rollout of a thriving Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) market in the UK.

The report, produced by ADS’ AAM Special Interest Group, which consists of ADS members from prime, mid-tier, and SME organisations contains several recommendations for decision-makers, including regulators and Government.

The recommendations are:

  1. ensuring the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is well-resourced and funded;
  2. a comprehensive set of policy requirements including pilot licensing and operations;
  3. the immediate prioritisation of AAM infrastructure;
  4. collaboration to foster public engagement;
  5. and the safe, shared integration into airspace.

The recommendations also serve as a call for action for Government, emphasising the need for pace and certainty in the UK policy and regulatory environment.

As the AAM industry in other nations continues to evolve and receive support from Government, the UK risks falling behind without decisive action. The ADS Advanced Air Mobility Special Interest Group believes the five recommendations are the most immediate potential bottlenecks where further action should be focused to ensure UK advantage in this exciting area is secured.

Discussing the paper, Luke Bonnett, Chair of the ADS AAM Special Interest Group, said: “This paper adds further weight to the growing industry calls for action and intervention from the government in this vibrant part of the transport industry that has huge potential to improve the lives of millions in the UK and globally.

“The UK has an excellent opportunity to lead the world in enabling new air vehicle operations and in doing so the UK can reap huge economic opportunity.

“If the Government continues to work with industry and takes action as recommended then we can lead the world; if we don’t then the UK will retain an important role but is likely to be a follower of other countries in this sector. Let’s grasp the opportunity to take the lead, move forward and get flying.”

ADS Aerospace Policy Advisor, Andy Phillips, said: “Representing the full spectrum of AAM companies, the members of the ADS AAM group are sending a clear message that now is the time for action to develop a thriving AAM market in the UK.

“The potential of AAM is a clear opportunity for the UK to build on our strong heritage of aerospace innovation and leadership, while connecting communities across the UK with green, sustainable flight.

“ADS look forward to working closely with Government and regulators to make the AAM market in the UK a reality.”

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