UK industry threatened by Ukraine turmoil

Posted on 28 Feb 2014 by The Manufacturer

Unrest in the Ukraine could endanger UK gas supply, cutting off a vital source of energy for UK industry according to the British Ceramic Confederation.

Violent unrest in the Ukraine has recently hit the headlines in the international mainstream press and now the British Ceramic Confederation has raised fears about the knock on effects for European industry, and in particular its UK members.

With turmoil having spread out from the Ukraine’s Capital, Kiev, to effect other parts of the country BCC says there is a real danger critical European gas suppies could be effected with imminent knock on effects for the UK, particularly in terms of price volatility.

Dr Laura Cohen, chief executive of the BCC commented today: “Energy security is essential in any modern industrial economy and we need to see urgent action to address this matter.

“We have campaigned in the past for Government intervention to protect industry from gas shortages.”

Last year, the BCC raised concerns after UK gas supplies fell dangerously low following a prolonged cold spell in March.

“One year on and we now face a different situation,” Ms Cohen continued. “The problems in Ukraine reinforce the need for the Government to ensure the UK has extra gas storage capacity and a requirement to hold adequate safety stocks.”

According to BCC, uncertainty over European gas supply has already led to “terrible price volatility”.

This will have “harmful effects on manufacturing and investment,” as well as potentially leading to job losses asserts the trade body.

BCC’s 100-strong membership represents around 90% of the UK’s relatively energy intensive ceramics manufacturing sector.