UK innovation vital part of major Australian deep sea project

Posted on 2 Aug 2017 by Jonny Williamson

Walsall-based Boltight has announced its involvement in a deep sea project bound for Australia on one of the largest Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems of its kind.

Innovation - Two sizes of bolt tensioners were produced - M120 and M150 – which were used to tighten the main bolts located around the clamp body - image courtesy of Boltight
Two sizes of bolt tensioners were produced, which were used to tighten the main bolts located around the clamp body – image courtesy of Boltight.

Boltight was approached by County Durham’s Subsea Innovation to provide a bolt tensioning solution for structural split repair clamps on the Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS).

Subsea Innovation serves the offshore oil & gas and energy industries across the world. It needed Boltight’s expertise for the project based off the north and northwest coast of Australia.

Two sizes of bolt tensioners were produced which were used to tighten the main bolts located around the clamp body. These are activated remotely using a hydraulic control system.

The tensioners have a long stroke with a double acting design. This means they operate in both directions so can be reset without recovery to the surface.

The two companies worked together to agree testing and operational specifications on this vital system. The EPRS in Australia will act as a contingency in the event that the main gas pipeline needs to be repaired.

Boltight’s commercial and project manager, Nitin Patel explained: “We knew this was an important piece of work. Transporting oil and gas subsea is vital to energy supply.

“This sort of project demanded the highest specifications and a tight turnaround. We also needed to ensure the bolt tensioners could reset without recovery needed at the surface.”

Boltight’s bolt tensioning systems, pumps, hoses, fittings and accessories are exported all over the world for use in a number of different industries. The company also offers the design and manufacture of special tools.

In 2015, Boltight was acquired by Swedish Company the Nord-Lock group. The company recently announced record annual sales, a growing order book and the opening of a brand-new production facility at Boltight’s head office in Walsall.

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