Ultrasonic welding provides strength for Toronto engineering company

Posted on 2 May 2016 by The Manufacturer

Ultrasonic welding is a technique used to create a solid-state weld where ultrasonic vibrations and pressure are used to create a weld that is fast and doesn't require any additional bolts or adhesives.

Sefortek, a Canadian company established 11 years ago and located in Southern Ontario, specializes in custom automation and tooling for the plastics industry around the globe.

Recently staff at Sefortek made an ultrasonic welding machine from a design developed in-house. The welding machine was made for a Toronto-based Tier 1 automotive supplier that needed a specialized welding machine for a Class A painted ABS exterior trim of the rear doors of a new compact Sedan.

The ultrasonic welding machine, made by Sefortek, is used to weld a hand-sized plastic piece but the making of this machine was full of challenges. The size of the part was complicated and, during the welding process, the painted surface of the part could not be damaged in any way. In addition, the machine had to weld two pieces at one time with 14 welds in total.

Successfully Sefortek managed to put 14 ultrasonic welding units (called horns) to do the 14 welds together. A key feature of this machine is the Keyence vision sensors, of which there are two: one in the left hand nest and one in the right hand nest. The sensors are used to detect the presence of 3 clips, double sided tape and clip foam.

The machine also consists of a 10-inch operator touch-screen which can toggle the vision sensors on and off and can be used to change the sonic welding times.

I keeping safety in mind, Sefortek also installed a light curtain at the front of the machine and an emergency button in the operator control box. This light curtain can stop any movement inside the machine, if it is interrupted. It also has a back door interlock switch that will prevent the machine from running if the door is open.

Following positive feedack from the client, Sefortk have begun to develop the company’s ultrasonic welding machine business and are now offering bespoke versions of the machine to other companies. The Sefortek ultrasonic welding machine can be modified and can be used by any automated company for fast, easy and safe welding.