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Posted on 5 Apr 2017 by The Manufacturer

Northern Industrial (NIControls), based in Lancashire, has just announced that it is an Official Beijer Distributor.

The world-wide industrial automation store, NIControls, can point you in the right direction for replacing obsolete HMIs in any industry with Beijer’s new X2 Series, as well as the popular E1000 range.

At the end of 2015, Mitsubishi and Beijer decided to end their 30-year partnership. As Beijer originally manufactured the E1000 HMIs, which were then rebranded and sold under the Mitsubishi brand, it has continued to manufacture the operator panels to support the large Mitsubishi and Beijer E1000 customer base.

The X2 and E1000 products, manufactured by Beijer and available from NIControls - image courtesy of NIControls.
The X2 and E1000 products, manufactured by Beijer and available from NIControls – image courtesy of NIControls.

After Northern Industrial’s long history of supporting users of obsolete HMIs with spares and repairs, Beijer made the company an official distributor with Northern Industrial stocking up on models from both the E1000 series and the new X2 Series ready for immediate despatch.

Northern Industrial cover more than 130 countries, over 30 different market industries and have almost 40 years’ of experience preventing or resolving downtime as quickly as possible for their customers.

The new X2 family is very different to most HMI generations. There’s six ranges altogether which are specially designed for separate industries. The X2 Base, X2 Pro, X2 Control, X2 Motion, X2 Marine and X2 Extreme ranges are suitable for those looking for a simple cost-effective solution right through to sophisticated automation tasks and harsh environments.

The all-new slick designs also come in several different sizes to easily fit into your operation or to replace any other HMI. Updated electronics and a robust aluminium body also improve product lifespan and reliability.

Beijer has looked into every single industry and tailored the new X2 Series to be suitable for all types of industries including; chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, oil and gas, energy and power, food and beverages, and metals and mining.

For more information about any Beijer products, head to NIControls.com/Beijer or contact directly on 01254 673747.

Phoebe Wright, Marketing Assistant, NIControls
Phoebe Wright, Marketing Assistant, NIControls.

About Northern Industrial

Founded in 1978, Northern Industrial is one of the UK’s longest established providers of current and obsolete automation spares and repairs. It specialises in providing support to companies during a breakdown to reduce costly downtime. Companies in more than 136 countries are currently supported including many local manufacturers. For more information, please contact Phoebe Wright.