Utilitywise launches Manufacturing Power Drive to help firms save energy

Posted on 17 Sep 2012

Energy management consultancy Utilitywise plc has set up a specialist team to help British manufacturing save energy.

With average industrial electricity prices rising by 26% over the past five years more manufacturers are looking at how they can reduce consumption.

Utilitywise manages meters for 3,600 manufacturing companies. It recently launched its Manufacturing Power Drive, designed to support companies through challenging market conditions.

The team deals with large energy usage, and currently manages 58 giga Watts of electricity and 28 giga Watts of gas for one client alone. Its largest client has over 800 meters across all of their sites.

Adam Thompson, chief operating officer at Utilitywise, said: “While securing the best rate for your energy is important, the biggest savings in energy costs come from reducing consumption. With prices in the UK high when compared to many of our international competitors, reducing energy consumption is vital if British firms are to remain competitive.”

The team has developed a range of products specifically designed to help the sector, which includes ways to monitor energy use, ways to structure the way the company buys energy, kVA analysis, Energy Audits and an Energy Health Check.

Most of the measures are aimed at identifying wasted energy usage. The Utilitywise onsite energy audit can on average show ways to reduce energy consumption by over 20%.