Vehicle security and how to prevent theft

Posted on 5 Feb 2018 by The Manufacturer

Vehicle theft soared in 2017, with police announcing a 30% increase in thefts involving vehicles.

Car manufacturers are increasingly concerned about security Image courtesy of John Loo
Car manufacturers are increasingly concerned about security Image courtesy of John Loo – Flickr

Whether you use your car just to do the school run or you rely on your motorbike for business purposes, everybody deserves to feel that their property is safe from crime at all times. The good news is that there are a vast number of security products available that will help you to keep your vehicle safe from criminals. Depending on what you drive or ride, your peace of mind is largely dependent on the steps that you take now to prevent becoming a victim of the criminals tomorrow.

For Bikers

With less than half of all motorbikes having the basic protection of locks, it’s no real surprise that bike theft is one of the more common crimes. The simple addition of adding a bike lock or an immobiliser will make any thief think twice, especially if you’re parked next to bikes that lack similar safeguards. Large bike locks are as much a visual deterrent as actual protection, although some users often still fail to thread the lock through the frame of their bike, meaning that thieves can simply remove a wheel and lift the bike onto a waiting van. Always attach your bike to a solid but stationary object such as a lamppost.

For Cars

The good news is that car manufacturers take car security very seriously, and as a result, your security systems are often in place even as the car rolls out of the factory. The problem is that car thieves are taking vehicle security just as seriously, and so it falls on you to make sure your car is as safe as possible at all times. As well as the myriad number of security gadgets that are available, there are some low-cost methods to help prevent car theft, including ensuring that you only use well protected, well-lit car parks with CCTV security. Hide valuables that will entice criminals and always give consideration when leaving your keys with anyone you don’t know.

For Motorhomes and Trailers

Motorhomes and trailers are a particular favourite for thieves, as they have the bonus of containing the day-to-day valuables that people usually leave at home, or the work tools that are going to be easy to sell on. It becomes imperative that your motorhome and trailer security are as good as you can get, and there are a number of security-improving motorhome and trailer parts options to ensure your belongings are kept safer. There are some obvious low-cost precautions to take, such as making sure that windows are closed and doors locked, although one of the more common issues is that people feel comfortable leaving their motorhomes and trailers unattended for long periods of time. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

The more security aware that you are, the less likely that you’ll become a victim of vehicle crime. Criminals want their thefts to go as smoothly and as quickly as possible, so making simple changes to your security awareness is likely to reduce your chances of being broken into or robbed.