‘Waste not, want not’ for new clothes company

Posted on 3 Jun 2008 by The Manufacturer

An innovative new clothing company in Hackney are to manufacture high-end fashion garments by recycling old ones, in a bid for sustainable sourcing and waste reduction within the clothing and textile industry.

Brighton University Design graduates Nin Castle and Phoebe Emerson have gained backing from the Manufacturing Advisory Service for their company, Goodone, which they set up in 2006. The MAS have provided support to the pair in making the company profitable while matching high street prices for their wares.

The government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) report that two million tonnes of waste, 3.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and 70 million tonnes of waste water are produced by the clothing and textiles industry in the UK each year.

Says Ms Emerson: “Using our specialist knowledge in the deconstruction and reconstruction of garments together with sustainable sourcing and production we are able to create a limitless amount of new clothing from old, and which will inherently always remain unique.

“By using these recycled materials, we are not only providing a creative and sustainable solution for waste reduction, we are also minimising energy usage and the damage to environment caused by the production of new clothing.”

As well as the MAS, Goodone have secured the services of top fashion consultant Yvonne Fuch from the Branding Workshop. The three have worked together to create a viable business model for the company.

Clothing lines designed by the pair will be limited edition stock as they source recycled fabric locally in London, in small supplies. When the website goes live at the end of June it will feature an initial range of high street style dresses, hoodies and tshirts. The garments are manufactured by Heba Women’s Project of Brick Lane, London.

For further information visit www.goodone.co.uk.