What can you do with an engineering degree?

Posted on 31 Oct 2016 by The Manufacturer

While there is a great deal of prestige involved with receiving an engineering degree, it is important that recent graduates understand the breadth of opportunities their area of study can offer.

There are many different fields and areas of specialty that engineering alumni from the schools such as the University of California Riverside can go into, provided that they do a little research prior to beginning their job searches.

In addition to having a great chance of landing a respectable position directly after graduating, engineering degree holders have a lot of leverage at the negotiation table for higher salaries, more inclusive benefits packages and other perks. Discover whether you want to keep your online masters in engineering on dry land, go to the field world of aerospace engineering or travel the ocean in search of a career in ocean engineering.

Working in the environmental field

Pollutants are prevalent in our environment, but there are many companies, environmental agencies and individuals who are charged with the task of keeping them to a minimum. Environmental engineers study fascinating things like fugitive particulate emissions, greenhouse gases, energy use and waste water runoff. The Environmental Protection Agency has strict guidelines, but they frequently change, and corporations sometimes have difficulty keeping up. If you have an interest in protecting the environment, you can put your skills to good use while earning a healthy salary.

Designing planes, trains and automobiles

The demand for online masters of engineering degrees is growing exponentially, mainly because nations are becoming more advanced and populations continue to grow. In order to transport the world’s workforce and holiday-makers, transportation needs have to be met. Engineers design trains to move faster while improving safety features, analyze airplane prototypes and even construct complicated blueprints for the world’s busiest highways and throughways. You may consider working alongside the military in an effort to keep soldiers safer while developing stealthy drones, or work with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to help increase the efficiency of one of the most highly used public transport hubs on the planet.

Computers, science, math and education

Not everyone is enamored by quadratic equations, but if you are, a career in math engineering may be right up your alley. After receiving a masters of engineering at a university or online, you may want to work remotely in a teaching capacity. Perhaps you may want to design computer based learning tools that will help students better retain what they have been taught, or even develop educational portals that contain entire course syllabus. Science engineers can work with pharmaceutical companies, helping to develop improved manufacturing methods, or they can even work in laboratories, testing lab equipment and performing vital studies.

Use your engineering degree to start an engineering firm

Although online masters of engineering degree holders have the option of working in any number of industries, they can also go straight to work for themselves. Privately owned engineering firms regularly consult with major corporations and government agencies to help solve whatever problems they face. Owning your own engineering firm can help you to work in an array of industries including: fashion, food, pharmaceuticals or heavy. Such industry experience enables you to enhance your CV, while creating the path that you want to follow in your career.

Obtaining your engineering degree isn’t easy. However, after years of carefully applied study and grueling tests, you will have already proven that you are capable of excelling in the world of engineering. The above are just some of the opportunities available to those with an engineering degree. Find your place in the world of engineering and discover an intricate, specialized and, most importantly, interesting career.