What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

Posted on 11 May 2016 by The Manufacturer

James Heselden offers advice on how to explain the concept of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to those unfamiliar with the term.

Having attended a number of networking events recently, the one thing that stood out in all of my conversations was how difficult answering what is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for that hadn’t heard of it.

James Heselden, business development manager, for IIoT Ltd.
James Heselden, business development manager, for IIoT Ltd.

In most cases any IIoT conversation starts with me having to explain the Internet of Things (IoT), and then moving on to specifically, what is the Industrial Internet of Things?

For me, it’s an evolving process. Every time I offer an explanation it changes slightly depending on the person I’m talking to according to the sector they represent, their general IT knowledge, the type of role they are in and how it could be of use to them in that role.

Yet, each time I’m left with the feeling that there’s more that I could show them or get them excited by, and have I fully explained the possibilities properly?

I want them to see that anything is now possible. IIoT has the ability to completely change how their business could operate; their products and services could be transformed through some intelligence and technology, giving them new business models and offerings that have significantly more value.

I want them to see how disruptive applications using IoT are already changing the world, with Spotify and Uber being prime examples; and that delivering the customer experience that Amazon delivers is possible for all businesses, at a cost that’s scalable.

We are entering a fourth industrial revolution with IIoT at the forefront, but we have to re-train our minds and ambitions to realise that the barriers that once existed for our businesses don’t exist anymore.

We can use IIoT to re-imagine our business models and create smart connected products and services. We can connect our shop floor or work process to give us the right information in real time to make the right business decisions. Or use the new data streams we are now able to call upon to identify future trends and cost saving initiatives.

Right now, there are still too many sectors behind the curve, and getting our minds around the concepts and possibilities will be the biggest challenge facing IoT/IIoT.

However, it will be those companies and individuals that embrace IIoT/IoT that will thrive and flourish. Ultimately, it will come down to understanding the type of business you want to be – are you Netflix or are you Blockbuster?

Interested in learning more about the Industrial Internet of Things?

IIoT Ltd will be running a one day introduction on June 8 at the Caswell Science and Technology Park, near Towcester (Northamptonshire).

The seminar is for those who have a limited understanding of IIoT and aims to help them understand what’s possible, incorporating sensors and smart labels; data collection; connectivity; cloud; ERP integration, and looking for the return on investment.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and there are currently five early booking tickets remaining at £100 per person – each thereafter will cost £300 per person.

To book you place, or find out more, click here.

Alternatively, contact James Heselden directly, on 01327 317652 or at [email protected]