Whitepaper: Automate and optimize manufacturing

Posted on 11 Apr 2022 by The Manufacturer

Manufacturing has become increasingly complex with regards to parts, processes and customer expectations. At the same time, yesterday's technology can't offer the simplified, user-friendly automation that manufacturers need.

Therefore, driven by the need to make parts faster, better, and for less, manufacturers of all sizes are embracing various forms of automation in the quest to lower costs, increase production, and reduce response times.

Automate and Optimize Manufacturing - Zebra 2022


For example, Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision solutions can provide automation on your terms, helping you make barcode reading and inspection core competencies; and game-changers to your bottom line.

Whether it’s a brand new process or an existing one, you can optimise it with solutions that are flexible and customisable to your environment and workflows. Easy to set up, deploy and run, an innovative single shared software platform helps you apply the right technology to the challenge at hand, while allowing room to upgrade software as needs change.

Your true productivity potential can be discovered with solutions that are simple to use and manage, and designed to make upgrading pain-free. An easy, out-of-the-box experience makes Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision solutions ideal for initial automation, while advanced software features from Zebra Aurora optimise existing automation processes to make them more impactful than ever.