Why your nanufacturing company needs a waste management and recycling business plan

Posted on 21 Feb 2017 by The Manufacturer

One of the major issues we are facing in the 21st Century is the need for better ways to dispose of and/or recycle waste. Not only is waste hazardous to the health and wellbeing of humans and animals, but it is collecting at a rate that is almost impossible to dispose of. Landfills are full in many areas of the world and so waste is loaded on barges and sent off to sea.

Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess, but we are sure it is being hauled away. If you are an owner or administrator of a manufacturing company, it is vital that you understand why you even need a waste management and recycling business plan from a company like Countrystyle Recycling. Here, we will explain a few reasons why every manufacturing company in the UK needs a waste management and recycling business plan.

A look at the waste disposal crisis in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, for example, has absolutely nowhere for waste and so it is loaded onto barges and shipped off to landfills elsewhere. Does it ever get there? That is a question causing concern for environmentalists. In fact, there is so much controversy over it that many nations have taken even stronger steps to ensure this type of situation doesn’t occur at home. Consider the fact that there are over 6,000 people per square kilometre and you will understand why waste disposal is so significant.

As a relatively small island nation, the UK could also find itself in a situation similar to Hong Kong at some future point and that’s why the  government sets very strict regulations as to development in protected areas and the disposal of waste for the protection of the environment. Herein lies the main point. Government has set very strict guidelines for the protection of the environment and waste is a part of those guidelines which is often overlooked.

Two main reasons why waste management is critical for any manufacturer

If you imagine a direct line between the government and consumers, you will find manufacturing in the middle at some point. The government and the protection of the environment is on one end of the continuum with consumers at the opposite pole. In recent years, there has been much press being given to living green and so consumers are well aware of environmental issues.

On the one end, you have the government imposing sanctions on businesses that aren’t doing their part to reduce waste and carbon emissions and on the other end you have consumers seeking to do business with companies that are environmentally conscientious. If you had to name two main reasons why your manufacturing company would need a waste management and recycling business plan, it would boil down to government and consumers.

Not only are you in jeopardy of being subject to heavy fines, and worst case scenario being shut down until the matter can be fixed, but your public image could suffer as well. Reputation management and government regulations are two of your main concerns, so if you haven’t a waste management and recycling business plan in place, it’s time you had one! Either way, you can’t lose.