Worcestershire to become UK’s e-car charging hub  

Posted on 4 Sep 2017 by Jonny Williamson

Worcestershire has pledged to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points across the county as it bids to become one of the leading electric vehicles areas in the country.

Worcestershire has pledged to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points across the county – image courtesy of Pixabay

The county council said Worcestershire was leading the way when it came to electric vehicles and installing charging points.

There are 723 electric vehicles registered in the county, more than any other area of the Midlands except for Birmingham.

The pledge came after the Government announced its aim of purging diesel and petrol vehicles from the UK’s roads by 2040 in an effort to curb pollution.

Government funding has enabled Worcestershire county Council to install 12 rapid charge points across the county. The local authority, in an effort to outline its sustainability, also operates two electric pool cars and an electric courier van.

A further £255m funding is being made available, for which local authorities will be able to bid. The money is part of a much wider £3bn package aimed at improving air quality.

The county council works in partnership with Worcestershire Regulatory Services, on behalf of the six district councils, to develop and manage the Worcestershire Air Quality Action Plan.

There is also a commitment to promoting electrification of all buses and taxis, which are currently diesel-powered vehicles.

Tony Miller, cabinet member for the environment, said: “We are committed to creating a healthy, sustainable environment for everyone. It’s not only important for people’s wellbeing, but also the economy and for the natural environment.

“We’ve currently got 12 rapid charge points across the county and three electric vehicles, but there’s always more that can be done.

“Working with partners, the council continues to push for more and more electric charge points to be installed across the county, to make Worcestershire as electric-vehicle friendly as possible, as well as supporting local businesses and residents to consider electric vehicles, where these are cost-effective.”