X Prize nears finish line

Posted on 30 Jul 2010 by The Manufacturer

The X PRIZE, a $10m competition to inspire eco vehicles, announced the finalist teams at Michigan International Speedway on July 27.

Sponsored by Progressive Insurance, what began as a field of 136 vehicles from 111 teams, from 17 countries, has now been narrowed to an elite group of nine vehicles from just seven teams.

“These cars redefine what is possible and set a new standard of efficiency that promises to revolutionize the industry,” said Eric Cahill, Senior Director of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE.

Finalists include: Edison2 (USA); X-Tracer (USA); Aptera (USA); Li-ion Motors (USA); RaceAbout Association (FIN); TW4XP (GER); and ZAP (USA). Tata Motors (Coventry, UK) was unable to present their Indica Vista EVX vehicle for the Range Test due to a technical issue. Although it did not advance, Tata demonstrated a vehicle at the Combined Performance and Efficiency Event.

Click here to visit the X PRIZE website.