X:CEL and TASTE give fresh water hope to Nigerian families

Posted on 16 Aug 2012

Aqua pura, Adam’s ale, H2O. Turn on the tap and there it is. Fresh, flowing and thirst quenching.

The miracle that is clean water is a given in the UK but for those living in rural Nigeria, access to clean water is more than just a luxury; it means the difference between life and death.

That’s why X:CEL Superturn, a Sheffield-based manufacturer which produces components for the petrochemical and power generation industries, has collaborated with TASTE.

TASTE is a charity that works to give rural communities access to safe drinking water. X:CEL will be teaming up with TASTE to provide new drill parts. As X:CEL already supplied the oil industry with downhole drilling components, TASTE approached them to see if they had any second-hand parts going spare and X:CEL’s response was more than they could ever have asked for.

Andrew Taylor, managing director at X:CEL Superturn explained: “TASTE approached us to see if we had any used drill bits that we could donate. Once they’d gone through what the charity was about and how they help communities in Nigeria, we found what they do so interesting and worthwhile, we decided it would be better to provide three new drill bits instead.”

One of these drill bits will bore up to six 30 metre holes, as each of these boreholes provide water for around 2,000 people, the collaboration looks set to improve the living standards of thousands of families in Nigeria.

Ben Udejiofo, chief executive of TASTE said: “It has been fantastic to get the help from X:CEL Superturn. We would have been happy with used drill bits, but to get new, specially manufactured components means that we can help a number of new communities and not have to suspend our projects while we try to find replacement used drill bits parts that will wear out more quickly.”

These boreholes allow clean water into aquifers deep underground and access to this safe water reduces illnesses such as guinea worm and onchocerchiasis, which are endemic water-bourne diseases. Even a simple of case of diarrhea is a major child killer in Nigeria, with UNICEF estimating that this death rate alone would decline by 15% if water quality was improved.

Mr Udejiofo added: “We are so grateful that a significant company like X:CEL is keen to work with a small charity like TASTE, but through similar partnership with other companies, TASTE could help many more communities thousands of miles away.”

Any companies who want to help should contact [email protected] or visit the TASTE website.