Manufacturers inspired by JLR to step up a gear

Jaguar Land Rover to begin i54 recruitment drive

Tim Potter, managing partner of accountancy firm HURST, together with a senior team from NatWest in Manchester, led a delegation of north west manufacturers on a tour of Jaguar Land Rover’s factory on Merseyside to discover what lessons could be learned from the plant’s success.

Fuel for automation

Fuel cells are one of the most promising new forms of energy generation. The technology is clean, quiet and efficient but there are hundreds of components, or layers, in a commercial-scale fuel cell stack and the number of stacks needed to generate sufficient power make it almost impossible to manually assemble them at speed and at a competitive cost.

How to Change a Perception

Young people's career hopes are being dashed, according to research from the EAL
Posted on 18 Apr 2014 by

It is the intractable problem that refuses to go away. Engineering is in demand, intellectually rewarding and it is well paid but not enough people are doing it. Will Stirling reports on a new approach.