Honing in on innovation with laser precision

M-Squared Lasers' SolsTiS was considered a breakthrough in the field of laser technology - image courtesy of M-Squared Lasers.
The spotlight on R&D and innovation, which has historically been synonymous with multi-nationals, has shifted more recently towards small and medium-sized businesses, according to The State of Engineering 2015 report. Dr Graeme Malcolm shares his experiences of bringing the SolsTiS to market through building his own business M-Squared Lasers.

Key takeaways from Gartner’s top ten technology trends

Real-time Reporting Supply Chain ERP Digital Data - image courtesy of Datawright
The world doesn’t stand still. So, it’s important for manufacturers to keep abreast of emerging manufacturing technology trends—both in terms of IT, as well as core manufacturing technologies. What are the key manufacturing takeaways from Gartner’s top technology trends? Andy Gough, general manager at Datawright discusses.

IoT and the hub of all things

Data Security Stock - July August 2016
A crisis is developing in the IOT-world of customer data as governments, companies and individuals wrestle over who should own it. Irene CL Ng says a new methodology is emerging that will resolve the issue to everyone’s benefit.