Editor’s comment: Future thinking

Jane Gray, Editor of The Manufacturer

The UK teetered on the edge of triple dip recession at the close of April – a parlous economic position which was accompanied by the usual political mud-slinging with added historical context given the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher earlier in the month.

The demise of Baroness Tha…

Back to Scuoler

The UK’s stretched infrastructure is hampering economic re-balancing and progress on Government’s target to double exports to £1tn a year by 2020. EEF’s CEO Terry Scuoler talks through the findings of the organisation’s first transport survey.

Investing for growth: RBS

Industry answers Bank of England’s call for greater productivity

After examining strategies to grow through new production processes and customisation in January, Peter Russell, head of RBS manufacturing and industrials, turns the spotlight to exploring growth opportunities through investing in three key areas of R&D, which can enable UK manufacturers to keep pace with their international competitors.