SME Growth Summit

Date: 16 November
Location: Exhibition Centre, Liverpool

What is your competitive advantage? How do you communicate it? Is anyone listening? SME Manufacturing Growth Summit enables manufacturers to rethink every aspect of their operations – linking together sales, marketing and service to your IT infrastructure, and your wider supply chain. This conference is designed to identify the most valuable customer segments, slash acquisition costs, and create a platform for enterprise growth.

The people, processes and financing that gets start-ups off the ground – are not the same as those that take promising SMEs to the next level. Manufacturing SME leaders succeed by encountering new and better ways of working – knowing when to bootstrap their growth, and when to invest into demand.

The Manufacturer magazine has been working with UK manufacturing SMEs for 25 years – providing them with the knowledge and tools to be successful. SME Growth Summit is the perfect platform to engage successful SMEs with the ambition to build their businesses, with three key streams: People, Platform and Processes.

Join is on 16-17 November at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool as part of Digital Manufacturing Week 2022.

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