The Manufacturer Podcast: Siemens España | Make UK Calls for GDP Target | Gawang Tanga

Yes! Listener.

We’ve got loads to chat about in this episode. Joe discusses his recent trip to Siemens in Spain, where he visited a string of food and beverage manufacturers.

We also discuss the annual Make UK conference which took place in Westminster this week. The industry body has called for a 15% GDP target for UK manufacturing We do the usual check of headlines on our website, which this week, includes an article on 5G penned by Fiona Tracey, ADI Managing Director, Industrial Automation at our series sponsors, Analog Devices.

Then, to round things off spectacularly, we hear about the latest disaster from the Devonshire household, as a fascination with cheap kitchen products continues, leading his wife to declare a potato chipping device to be officially “gawang tanga.” (Made by a moron)

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Tropical Fever by LiQWYD & Luke Bergs

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