The Manufacturer Podcast – Start-ups are helping industry giants tackle big challenges

On this episode of the Manufacturer Podcast, Tom St John hosts a discussion on how faster technological adoption will revolutionise the industrial operations of manufacturing businesses.

The Made Smarter programme, Digital Catapult’s Made Smarter Technology Accelerator is a programme aiming to unlock this. Digital Catapult have been linking up industry giants with the brightest start up minds so they can jointly develop cutting edge solutions to boost productivity, cut costs and slash waste across supply chains.

Listen below as these wide-ranging challenges are discussed. Rukmini Prasad – IOT Product and Partnerships Manager at Digital Catapult opens by outlining why faster and smarter technology is so important for UK manufacturing currently.

Justin Cross – Senior Innovation Partner at Digital Catapult, tells us more about the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator Programme.

Additionally, three of the 14 start-ups selected for the programme, speak about their technology solutions and how they have helped their partner ‘challenge owners.’

CAE Technology – working with Babcock International

Cutting-edge technologies from the gaming and music sector paired with a cloud-based application will enable Babcock International Group engineers to connect the system with its CAD and bill of materials (BoM) data sources.    

Ascalia – working with Sainsbury’s

Ascalia will use high-tech cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) to keep food safe from microbes and rot, in a way that is non-invasive and non-contaminating – in the hope that it will create a risk-free experience to shoppers.

Total Control Pro – working with Safran Landing Systems

Total Control Pro are identifying the best possible planning options by using a data-driven planning scheduling and resource optimisation solution. This is to tackle the challenges around complex planning and resource management.

Digital Catapult are holding a prototype showcase event on Wednesday 23rd June which will see all 14 startups present their solution projects. To find out more click here.

Listen to some of these cutting edge technology solutions now