3 Unique Employee Benefits Packages Businesses Can Offer Their Staff

In recent years there has been a growing trend of employers offering their staff a wider range of employee benefits packages. Businesses are starting to understand the true value these packages can offer their employees regarding motivation, recruitment, and retention. An employee is less likely to leave their current organization and move to a new one if they would lose out on benefits packages that they view as having significant value. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package for new starters can help entice the best and brightest talent to join a firm, which can lead to its competitive edge due to its improved workforce. In this article, three unique types of employee benefits will be explored in detail. Each of these can form part of a wider comprehensive package that serves to create a satisfied and motivated employee base.

Cycle to work schemes

Cycle to work schemes have been a long-standing part of any attractive employee benefits package. However, their popularity has grown in recent years thanks to an increasingly environmentally conscious workforce who are seeking to reduce their carbon footprints. These schemes allow workers to purchase a tax-free bike by sacrificing a small amount from their monthly salaries. The bike is paid for monthly for the duration of the contract agreement. After this period, the employee has the option to pay a final sum to purchase the bike outright, or they can opt to start a new scheme with another brand-new bike. This type of scheme is extremely attractive to many employees. Owning a tax-free bike can allow staff to enjoy improved levels of fitness as they commute to the office by this method instead of relying on a car. It also benefits the company as improved fitness can help staff to focus more effectively on their tasks and be less likely to suffer from various health problems that result in time off.

Healthcare benefits

Healthcare benefits programs are another effective part of a comprehensive employee benefits package. It is now common for companies to offer their staff healthcare benefits cards that can be used to make healthy shopping choices and pay for some healthcare products and services. Established companies in this field offer cards accepted at thousands of retail and healthcare outlets. You can undertake a Solutran benefit comparison to see how it compares to other cards. These types of benefits allow employees and their families to plan and budget effectively for their healthcare needs and are highly valued by many staff members.

Bespoke training and career development

As a brief final point, offering bespoke training and career development opportunities as part of a complete employee benefits package has been shown to attract and retain the best staff. Highly driven employees will seek to develop their careers from an early stage with a company. They will want to improve their skill sets and be eligible for promotions so that they can rise the corporate ladder. A company that offers this type of bespoke training and development is demonstrating that they offer paths to progression and employee development. This can help to recruit and retain the best staff, keeping employee churn low and ensuring that specialist knowledge is not lost over time.