How To Boost Traffic to Your Manufacturing Website

As a manufacturing business owner, your primary responsibilities should be promoting your brand and attracting new customers, but this is easier said than done.

Perhaps you’ve set up your company’s website and found that its ability to appeal to visitors is about as successful as using vinegar to catch flies. Often, the problem is not the site itself, but how you advertise it to your target market. For your business to be a success, you need to ensure it receives plenty of website traffic and also remember to focus on the quality of that traffic; you want those visitors to be potential paying customers! So, if you’re looking for suggestions on how to boost traffic for your website, read on.

Social Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the most popular ways to attract new visitors to your site. Twitter especially is an excellent platform for promoting content, where you can easily post links for articles or videos related to your site. It’s also useful for helping you build relationships with potential customers interested in your brand; you can converse with your audience, ask them for feedback about the business, and show some human warmth behind the online business figure. Making yourself more approachable is one of the crucial ways to ensure more people visit your site and will also increase word-of-mouth. Having an active social media presence will show that you care about your customers, rather than numbers.

Advertising on social media is also cheaper than traditional advertising, which is an added bonus.


SEO can be a great way to pull in traffic for a website, and while this might seem like the most obvious solution to your problem, you’d be surprised by how many people undervalue its relevance. SEO enhances a website’s searchability, which also improves its credibility.

In order to improve your SEO ranking, make sure you pay attention to the following:

  • Use keywords and phrases
  • Regularly update your content
  • Get your business listed by reading Google My Business SEO tips
  • Promote your video media using alt text (alternative text descriptions). They let search engines locate your page.

Proper use of SEO results in positive user experience and helps you get a step ahead of competitors.

Relevant Content

To make your site more pertinent, you need to have relevant content; customers will have more confidence in your business if the content is valid and reliable.  The more blog articles you produce and store on your site, the more knowledgeable your brand will seem. Content is a significant component for launching brands; it is not a quick process and requires patience and dedication, but by consistently posting content for your site – with relevant keywords to improve your SEO ranking – you will generate more web traffic. The more content, the more sales, as well as the potential for collaborations with other brands.


Make sure your site is easily accessible for all visitors; one of the reasons for low web traffic may be that people struggle to view your site. Include descriptive links, rather than text links that just read ‘click here’; people want to navigate your site with ease, so avoid being too vague with descriptions. It also helps to incorporate image descriptions and skip links. Include clear headings and subheadings for your articles and make sure your content is proofread before it is loaded. If you have concerns about the level of your site’s accessibility, ask someone to test it out and see if it reads clearly and coherently.