Why corporate networks should be encrypted by VPN

Small and medium-sized business networks are vulnerable to cyber attacks nowadays. It’s proven that the networks encrypted by VPN are more protected against data thefts.  

Small and medium-sized businesses were among the most targeted enterprises in 2018. Unfortunately, the current reports about cyber attacks show that their number is growing in 2019 

While the healthcare industry is mostly attacked by ransomware, small and medium-sized businesses are susceptible to data breaches.  

Among security technologies used by businesses to protect their networks, VPN is getting more and more popular. Let’s find out why Virtual Private Network can protect business corporate networks and companies’ data shared within them 

Why a business VPN is vital for companies 

VPN apps make employees’ devices connected to the Internet more secure and less vulnerable to unexpected intrusions. Once internet connections are encoded, the data going out of a VPN tunnel is hidden from hackers, snoopers, and other companies. 

Another privacy feature is IP/DNS leak protection, which is tested not only by the providers themselves but also by experienced cybersecurity experts who publish unbiased VPN reviews. A VPN service that enables such kind of protection makes internet connections more private in order to avoid leaking of corporate data to the network. 

How VPN works

It’s not enough for businesses to set up any VPN. Firstly, the service should be reliable and well-reviewed to really protect the security of the business. Secondly, it’s necessary to know some techniques on how to provide more protection for corporate data:

1) VPN makes data-sharing safer

Secure data-sharing is one of the strongest features allowed by VPN. It’s not just a corporate network which is encrypted, but the data stored on its servers is codified as well. Only those who know the encryption key can access it 

2) Working remotely, data access via VPN is more secure

It’s often necessary to access the company’s files remotely. That’s why it’s vital to protect the network against unauthorized intrusion. 

3) Being on a business trip, you can face international censorship in some countries

 Sometimes being on a business trip, one can fail to access certain sites or services. That’s why VPN will be useful to perform private connections to access blocked services for the country.  

It’s high time to think of your company’s network security, isn’t it? 

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