What is Green Manufacturing and How Can it Benefit Your Business

This is something that not many people are fully aware of, but it is crucial to know for businesses that are looking to make positive changes. So just what is green manufacturing? Green manufacturing establishes renewable production processes and environmentally friendly practices in manufacturing businesses. The processes help limit a manufacturer’s impact on the plant, enact positive change, and encourage other businesses to follow suit.

How Can a Business Practice Green Manufacturing?

There are a number of different ways a business can practice green manufacturing:

  • Use of Renewable Energy – Manufacturers often consume vast amounts of energy to create products. Businesses can find renewable sources for their energy, placing less strain on the energy supply and reducing the impact on the environment.
  • Boost Energy Efficiency – Not only can businesses change their source of energy, but they can also make improvements to the amount of energy it takes to manufacture products.
  • Pollution Reduction – Limiting the amount of pollution a business creates can make a big impact on the environment. This can be done through recycling and developing new technology to stop pollution.
  • Conserve Natural Resources – Big manufacturing plants often come at the expense of nature, so manufacturers can give back to the environment by committing to protecting natural areas.

Through research and investment in new technology, businesses can make significant improvements in these areas, but what are some benefits other than the environmental ones?

Benefits of Green Manufacturing

Public Relations

If a company makes an exceptional effort to practice green manufacturing, then it’s only right that they are rewarded and spoken about. The planet needs more and more businesses to become green, and one of the ways we encourage them to do this is by rewarding their efforts.

If your business does a great job at green manufacturing, then you should be talking about it and letting people know the efforts you are making. This can be an extremely useful tool for your public relations and help paint a positive picture of your brand.

A 2019 survey found that 37% of people cite environmental impact as a factor they consider before making a purchase, so making your manufacturing greener can have a big impact on your sales.

As you can see from APP’s Crunchbase profile, it can make a big difference. Asia Pulp & Paper maintains sustainability efforts throughout all business processes. The best businesses are practicing green manufacturing in some shape or form, and if yours is too, you can expect to stand out from those businesses that do not.

Employee Motivation and Recruitment

Public relations doesn’t just help you sell more products. A positive image can give your employees extra motivation because they feel like they are working for a good company and that they’re making a difference.

Even if you don’t particularly like your job, it’s much easier to take satisfaction if you know that the company you’re working for is doing something beneficial for the planet. If you don’t like your job and you’re working for someone who makes no effort to limit their environmental impact, then it’s hard to find any positives.

This also extends to when you recruit new employees. People care about the environment, and when you’re competing with other businesses for talent, your green credentials can make all the difference in attracting the best people.

Tax Benefits

Many state and national governments offer incentives to companies that use green manufacturing methods. The move to go green can have significant upfront costs, but there are lots of incentives to help you make a start.

Governments don’t want huge polluters in their territories, so it’s important for them to encourage manufacturers to use green manufacturing practices. This is something your business can take advantage of, making the transition that bit easier.

Research what options you have available and find out what financial incentives your business can benefit from.

Bottom Line

Green manufacturing is clearly good for the environment, and it’s something many manufacturers aspire to achieve, but at the end of the day, it’s got to work for your bottom line. Lots of people depend on your business for jobs, and you can’t afford to lose huge amounts of money by going green.

There are lots of reasons why moving to green manufacturing can actually save you money in 2020, though. Technology has improved green manufacturing processes greatly, and the public’s buying preferences are being influenced more and more by sustainability.

Couple this with the fact that governments are eager to encourage manufacturers to go green, and it is possible to make changes while improving your bottom line.

Going green isn’t something you can do overnight, but it is something you can achieve, and it’s possible to start making your first steps now.