Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By ERP

Purchasing an ERP solution can be an extremely difficult investment to make to the board, fortunately this report has the ready made business case you need.

Whether it is buying a brand new solution or updating an existing one, it can be hard to explain the huge impact it can have across the whole busin…

The Manufacturer Opus 2017

Published by Hennik Research, in The Manufacturer Opus you will find some of the very best of UK manufacturing, companies large and small who time pride in the unremitting pursuit of excellence. This is a snapshot of the changing dynamic scene in the industry and is one of our man…

Connected and intelligent: Smarter manufacturing for SMEs

A lot has been made recently of the productivity gap the UK is currently experiencing. It is widely reported that the UK makes 27% and 31% less per hour than workers in France and Germany.

There is also concern that in the UK that the skills shortage is hampering industry and that the government needs to …

What is the right robot for your business?

With so much choice out in the market when it comes to automation it can be incredibly difficult to find the right automation solution for your business.

Whether it is your first machine, you’re adding to a portfolio of machines or your business is looking to purchase a row of machines, choosin…

The ERP Survival Guide for 2017

When it comes to choosing an ERP system there are hundreds of things to consider before choosing the perfect system, however choosing your ideal solution is just the first step of the journey.

There is implementation, training staff to understand the software and creating best practice to think ab…

How IoT can prevent costly manufacturing failures

Unexpected failure or performance erosion of production equipment can significantly impact manufacturers, but how can IoT help prevent this?

The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing is well documented in being able to deliver value by allowing firms to monitor the products the…

Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

Digital Transformation is a well-covered trend in manufacturing, but how ready is your organisation?

This report looks at the how manufacturers can take Digital Transformation from the initial ideas stage, through to a production ready set of technologies that add genuine value and capability …

Moving up the Value Chain: UK Manufacturing’s Servitization Journey

The Manufacturer’s annual servitization survey, supported by Salesforce, has revealed a major shift in practice among UK industry – with a dramatic uptick in the numbers of respondents reporting that they have servitized their operations, or are in the process of implementation.

 This year…

Employee engagement: managing your workforce through 4IR and the Skills Gap

Government to blame for skills shortage, TM Survey shows

Research by The Manufacturer into the impact of Industry 4.0 on the sector’s workforce demonstrates companies have completely lost faith in the UK state’s ability to educate and train young people for work.

Produced in association wit…

The Manufacturer Opus 2016

Published by Hennik Research, The Manufacturer Opus showcases the best of the best in manufacturing and the incredible work they have been doing throughout the past 12 months.