Winter Outlook: Manufacturers’ energy cost forecast for 2018 and beyond

Inenco - Winter Outlook: Manufacturers’ energy cost forecast for 2018 and beyond - Report - FC

Manufacturers are facing the tenth successive year of rising energy costs, largely due to the increase in taxes, levies and network ‘non-commodity charges’ that now make up 60% of a business’ energy bill.

As we approach a new year and the Brexit deadline looms, many manufactures are concerned about the upcoming political and economic changes and how their bottom line will be affected.

Faced with record-high costs and ongoing uncertainty, it pays for manufacturers to re-assess their energy risk management strategies to consider how the cost of energy will impact their organisation and what can be done to mitigate it, including identifying any exemptions or support that they could be eligible for.

This new report provides a forecast of energy costs for manufacturers over the coming months, comparing manufacturers with and without Energy Intensive Industries exemption and Climate Change Agreements.

The differing future energy costs between the three manufacturing businesses profiled shows the impact of differing non-commodity charges and exemptions, along with a demonstration of the steep curve that continues to rise.

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