Richard Lanyon-Hogg, Executive IT Architect and CTO for IBM (UK) Industrial Industries

Richard Lanyon-Hogg
Richard Lanyon-Hogg, IBM

Richard Lanyon-Hogg is an Executive IT Architect and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for IBM (UK) Industrial Industries. These industries encompass aerospace, automotive, defence, oil & gas and electronics.

His focus is to provide technical leadership to IBM’s clients in the areas of infrastructure innovation, strategy and architecture. He was co-contributor to the books CBI Guide, Innovation, Making IT happen and Business in a wireless world. With the support of Defra, Mr Lanyon-Hogg has recently launched several open papers on the ‘Greening of the IT Enterprise’.

Richard has won several awards for his work on sustainable IT, including a BCS Gold Medal and the European Green IT Award. In addition to his work on sustainable IT, Richard is also a commercial woodland owner, managing some 21,000 saplings.

“The work I engage with on the UK Government Green Economy council has as one of its work streams the circular economy,” says Mr Lanyon-Hogg. “It is becoming clear that companies across many sectors are registering the fact that there is a need to reflect the true value that nature provides and this value needs to be reflected in the new economic and societal climate.

“As resources become more precious and come under further strains (due to many reasons, not least the forecast in population growth), new business models will emerge that will reflect a developing ‘closed loop’ of materials used; for example, do not be surprised if in some industries there is a movement away from being able to purchase goods; service led business models will accelerate enabling manufacturers to maintain a hold on the materials they consume to produce products enabling services to be delivered to individuals and companies.

“The UK’s investment in the research of Service Led manufacturing offers it the opportunity to be a market leader, and coupled with IBM’s work in sustainable Disruptive Platforms, together it offers organisations a method to capture new business models.”

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Q: What is IBM’s perspective on sustainability?

RLH Sustainability can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present day without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The Smarter Planet strategy is IBM’s response to the growing societal and environmental challenges our society and clients face. A core facet of the strategy is the not only making IT sustainable; but applying IT for sustainability.

Q: What sustainability services does IBM offer to customers?

RLH IBM offers a rich and broad array of capability to assist individuals, communities and companies to become more sustainable. Within IBM’s research laboratory, scientists are working on computational thermal mechanical modeling of complex materials and structures to reduce the impact of materials when recycled; service professionals are working globally on improving the energy efficiency of buildings and the equipment used across expansive and complex supply chains; and researchers are exploring new systems and methods to adapt and mitigate the accelerating changes as a result of climate change.

Whether the challenge is making assets (not just IT) more energy efficient, or more sustainable, or applying them to make the community and business itself more sustainable, IBM has a set of products, offerings and services to facilitate the instrumentation, interconnection and intelligence in systems.

Q: Why should companies talk to IBM about sustainability?

RLH IBM has globally engaged governments, corporations, universities and other eminent industry bodies in the design, build and deployment of sustainable solutions; from water treatment management, sub-atomic manufacturing to enable super high resolution electron microscopes for improved health care to green chemistry for environmentally sustainable plastics.

IBM commits over $7bn annually to the Research and Development of solutions for a more sustainable and smarter planet. Many of IBM’s developments over the decades have shaped the world in which live. IBM’s commitment to advanced research and science offers it’s professionals unparalleled access to our possible future; a vision which we’re eager to share.

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