How can manufacturers connect with customers by enhancing their entire operation?

Adam Spearing, Senior Area Vice President at EMEA, Salesforce, discusses how and why manufacturers’ relationships with customers and suppliers are changing, and explains how digital technology can help strengthen customer relationships, enhance supply chain collaboration and ultimately, drive revenue.

Is your business taking delivering customer-centric experiences seriously?

Salesforce IDC Report - mfg-omni-experience-reportCompanies with digital business strategies that centre on tailored customer-centric experiences will realise 35% greater net promoter scores (NPS), according to in-depth industry research.

This brand-new manufacturing report outlines:

  • Increasing productivity with mobile collaboration tools
  • How connected devices will transform customer service from reactive to prescriptive
  • What analytics can do for optimising the customer experience
  • Why artificial intelligence is the key to your future service strategy
  • Why field service is a key component of your omni-channel customer engagement

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Delve deeper!

This video is one of a trio of short insight-driven videos The Manufacturer has created with Salesforce and Adam Spearing around the crucial topics of connectivity and employee engagement:

What does the future of Employee Engagement look like? – With workers now very much in the driving seat, it is absolutely vital that businesses invest in their workplace culture and employee experience.

Empowering employees through collaborative systems will improve productivity – connected business applications play a vital role in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and superior customer experiences.