UKCES Growth Through People

A report has been published providing a comprehensive review of the current state of the UK labour market, identifying the key issues and challenges currently facing the employment and skills system in the UK.

Using the latest research and analysis, the publication presents the underpinning evidence supporting the UK Commission for Employment and Skills’ (UKCES) preceding report, Growth Through People.

The report also includes a supplementary report, giving further information on the high performance working analysis used to identify the business categories contained within the report.

The Growth through People proposals set out some of what will be needed, a consensus shaped by, and backed by, employers, employees and the education sector. Progress will require collaboration and a commitment to long-term changes.

The five recommended areas for action are:

  • Employers should lead on skills and government should enable them
  • Improving workplace productivity should be recognised as the key route to increasing pay and prosperity
  • ‘Earning and learning’ should be the gold standard in vocational education
  • Education and employers should be better connected to prepare people for work
  • Success should be measured by a wider set of outcomes not just educational attainment