10 ways the University of Birmingham is transforming business

Posted on 12 Jan 2018 by The Manufacturer

In November 2017, the University of Birmingham presented the 10 ways it is transforming industry to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) at their annual conference in London.

UoB presenting presenting the 10 ways it is transforming industry at the CBI annual conference in London - image courtesy of the University of Birmingham.
UoB presenting presenting the 10 ways it is transforming industry at the CBI annual conference in London – image courtesy of the University of Birmingham.

The 10 ways campaign was comprised of research that is having a direct and influential impact on the way companies do business both at a technical and policy level.

Almost all of the 10 ways have immediate links to the manufacturing sector and connected industries.

Ways we’re impacting manufacturing

Last year, the University launched the Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business, this institution is driving responsible business innovation in all sectors. Everything from staffing to supply chains, materials to methods are covered by the centre’s wide reaching research into practice and policy.

The Birmingham Extreme Robotics Lab is Europe’s leading university lab dedicated to nuclear and extreme environment robotics. The lab was awarded £11m of EPSRC/ISCF funding to develop and deliver a National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR).

Their work into Robotic Manipulation for Nuclear Sort and Segregation looks at how machines can segregate nuclear waste during clean up, but has clear parallels with robotic sorting deployed in manufacturing environments.

Our establishment of a £92m Digital Rail Systems Innovation Centre will allow for the development of products and processes to be accelerated through to commercialisation, within a safe, virtual environment. Potential business cases can be rapidly tested for feasibility and investment opportunities significantly de-risked.

University of Birmingham's Intelligent Robotics Lab
NCNR is developing advanced robotics, sensing and AI technologies to address the major societal challenges posed by nuclear environments and materials – image courtesy of the University of Birmingham.

The Birmingham Energy Institute is pioneering change in the creation, distribution and management of energy.

By working with national and international businesses, we are able to understand the direct issues facing companies when it comes to the way they source and utilise energy.

Collaborative work with our cyber security group ensures that the cyber-physical systems that Industry 4.0 utilises are secure and can set new standards of productivity and competitiveness.

With many companies looking at how they will maximise their degree apprenticeship levy commitments the University of Birmingham has been active in translating its educational excellence into a diverse portfolio of industry focussed apprenticeships. Our four-year BSc in Digital Technology Solutions programme starts in 2018 and will see 40 apprentices combine university life with practical work projects at PwC, Birmingham.

A global mind-set

These are just a few of the ways the University of Birmingham is creating impact on a global scale and helping to shape the future of industry. To learn more about the 10 ways we’re transforming business, please click here.

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