120,000 more cars to be made in the UK by 2014

Posted on 28 Oct 2012

The automotive sector is set to make 120,000 more cars by 2014.

Despite Ford’s announcement that is will cease to make the 26,000 Transit vans it currently produces at its factory in Southampton, (another dagger into van manufacturing in the UK), the number of cars being made is growing strongly after a difficult 2011.

Yearly production is up during 2012, with a 3.7% increase expected by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders on the 2011 total.

New cars made in the UK are set to rise above the two million mark by the end of the year, increasing from the 1,941,253 cars made during 2011.

However, this growth will only just drag the sector out of the hole of 2011, which saw car production fall by 4.4% in a year – with 2010 level only expected to be exceeded during the first quarter of 2014.

Over £6bn has been invested in the UK automotive sector over the last two years despite a steep fall in European sales for many manufacturers, leading many to restructure their operations.

Vauxhall is set to make a new Astra model at its site in Ellesmere Port and JLR is continuing to expand production of its Evoque model after rising sales in China, Russia and India.