4 degree programmes to study for a career in manufacturing

Posted on 31 Mar 2017 by The Manufacturer

Whether you’re hoping to pursue a career that allows you to work hands-on in the manufacturing industry or are considering taking your career path down the management or entrepreneurship side of things, studying for a college degree is often essential.

When it comes to gaining career success in the manufacturing industry, there is a wide variety of degree topics that you can choose from, which can lead to a lucrative result. Here are some of the best college degree programs to choose for a career in manufacturing.


If you’re hoping to work in a specific area of manufacturing, then you can find a range of degree programs available. For example, this online civil engineering program could lead you to a lucrative career in the design, manufacturing and construction of structures such as buildings, bridges, railways, and more. Civil engineers are employed by a huge range of manufacturing companies, in industries such as architecture, the military, or railroads, for example. There are many different types of engineering that you may be interested in studying, including electrical, aerospace, mechanical and chemical engineering to name just a few. You can find online civil engineering degree programs at all levels.


If your strengths are in business management and leadership then you might want to consider taking your career down the entrepreneurial path. Studying for an MBA will give you a solid foundation of knowledge in all of the key pillars of business, along with additional optional modules that you can choose in order to tailor your education to suit your future plans. With a master’s of business administration degree, you will not only be qualified to work in management or start a business in the manufacturing industry – it will open up many opportunities for you in other fields.


The role of IT is becoming more and more important in the manufacturing industry. Because of this, being highly qualified with a degree in information technology is a good way to get your foot on the manufacturing career path. According to Monster.com, information technology managers are currently one of the highest in-demand professionals in the industry, and can earn an average of over $80,000 per year.

Human Resources

Lastly, if you’d prefer to work with the people working in the manufacturing industry, then a qualification in HR could be the best option for you. As a human resources professional, you will be tasked with finding and hiring the right people to work in your sector of the manufacturing industry. Along with this, you may also be responsible for other tasks such as managing payroll, dealing with employee perks and rewards, managing employee complaints or grievances, and dealing with firing or redundancy of employees. Similar to studying for an MBA, taking a degree program in human resources will lead to many opportunities in a broad range of industries.

If you are hoping to work in the manufacturing industry, there are many different routes to go down, all leading to roles that play an important purpose.