5 Gaming Hardware Products Launched at CES 2019

Posted on 19 Jan 2019 by Sarah Bellamy

Want to learn about some of the latest innovations in gaming? Here are 5 products in the gaming hardware field that were launched at CES 2019.

Velocità Racing Simulator

The Velocità Racing Simulator by Arozzi is a new race driving simulator that is compatible with any gaming or office chair. Available in three colours – red, black, or white – Velocita is lightweight and compact, and can be easily attached to an existing chair by removing the chair’s two front wheels. The simulator also comes equipped with holders for a gear shift, steering wheel and pedals.

Wireless Charging Grips for Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers

These charging grips mean gamers no longer need to dock their controllers to charge them. The grips charge wirelessly, and receive power when positioned within around two feet of the PowerSpot transmitter. Designed by Powercast Corporation, the grips contain an LED that turns on while charging and off when fully charges. These wireless charging grips are available for Left, Right, and Double controller play.

ATARI Pong Table

The ATARI Pong Table is a reimagined version of the retro 80s hit, Pong. Created by Canadian company UNIS Technology, the arcade table includes features such as coin-operated and ticket dispensing ability, and game modes for one or two players. It is designed for installation and use in local arcades, movie theatre gaming rooms, plus other entertainment venues. The ATARI Pong Table can also be purchased for home use, and comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and USB charging capabilities. Side covers can be closed to hide the control panels, turning the arcade table into a coffee table.

Hyundai Kanabo Gaming Notebook

This new gaming notebook by Hyundai has a 15.6” 1920×1080 display, with an i7 processor and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. It also features multi-colour backlit keys for use in dark or dim conditions, and a 1TB hard drive plus 128GB SSD. This laptop is designed for people looking for a notebook that can handle heavy processing tasks such as gaming or graphic design.

RBT Rebel

Funded through Indiegogo, the RBT (Right ‘Bove Touch) Rebel is a mouse designed to reduce or eliminate Trigger Finger. Trigger Finger is a common RSI injury that the RBT aims to eliminate by providing a spot for fingertips to rest on the mouse. The mouse was designed by QuadraClicks Gaming and accommodates vertical clicking which the company claims makes the clicking more accurate.

If you want to see more gaming hardware products launched at CES 2019, check out Gamer Meld’s video below!

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