5 types of tech every manufacturing company needs

Posted on 21 Aug 2018 by The Manufacturer

In this day and age, no matter what industry you happen to be in, tech is a must.

It’s important that you have knowledge regarding how tech can be used to grow your business, especially if you happen to be in the manufacturing industry.

It can do a lot for your business in terms of reeling in more business and helping you run more efficiently. For the purpose of this article, the focus is going to be more on operations as that’s at the center of any business. On those premises, this article will explore five types of tech every manufacturing company needs.

Automation tools

Seeing as manufacturing is heavily dependent on demand, it’s imperative that whatever products are being produced are done so in a timely manner. For this reason, you should explore ways that you can use automation in your manufacturing business. This could mean by using machine-learning algorithms that happen to be capable of automating processes like feedback, quoting as well as design for manufacturability. Being able to eliminate the need to perform such tasks manually could mean that you’re able to save a significant amount of time which could be invested in other areas of your business.

Accounting systems

Another type of tech that you should be using in your manufacturing business is that of accounting systems. This is important as you need to stay on top of your finances if you want your business to be around in years to come. As a business, it’s likely that you have many ongoing purchases as well as transactions on a regular basis. Accounting systems should help you easily collect, process and store your key financial information to ensure you stay organised and on top of things money-wise. Some of the best accounting software systems include FreshBooks, Zoho Books, Xero, Brightpearl, and FreeAgent to mention a few. The last thing you want is financial mistakes, omissions and money mismanagement, so accounting systems should help reduce the risk of such occurring.

Smart Devices Wearable Technology Tech Phone Watch Tablet Electronics - image courtesy of Pixabay.Business phone systems

Communication is crucial when running a business as it’s the only thing that ensures operations run as smoothly as possible. You should, therefore, think about getting a VoIP telephony system if you don’t have one already. Getting one should help you centralize your communications as you can use it to make calls both locally and internationally as well as carry out video or audio conferencing which is often necessary. In case you’re worried about VoIP security, you should know that it is trustworthy and there are ways to ensure it’s safe and effective. For the most part, you should make sure that when getting a business phone system that it’s affordable, reliable, on favorable terms, and effective in enhancing your internal and external communications.

Virtual manufacturing

In addition to the mentioned, vendor management is also another important type of tech to consider as a manufacturing business. Manufacturing networks are a key part of growing your business, so it’s important that you nurture and grow such networks. Virtual manufacturing networks offer real-time views into manufacturer capacity as well as quality with the goal of ensuring high-quality parts are promptly delivered. Seeing as it enables hardware teams to source projects from prototype to production through one central point of contact, you save a significant amount of time and avoid mistakes which should ultimately help your bottom line.

CRM software

For any business that wants to make their business operations easier, a CRM system is key. This software was created to help businesses manage processes such as customer interaction, customer data, and customer interaction. Additionally, CRM software is also capable of accessing business information and automating sales which is perfect if you want to streamline such processes and are looking for ways to save time. In case you aren’t convinced, some reasons you should get a CRM system include the flexibility of the cloud, sales automation as mentioned above, email marketing functionality, and the fact that it can help you get organised. Overall, it can be said that you have far more to gain than lose by choosing to introduce CRM software into your business.

Tech is an integral part of any organisation. It helps things run smoother, increases productivity, and increases the chances of greater efficiency. For this reason, you should consider investing in tech that you can afford if you haven’t begun to do so already. Doing so could help grow your manufacturing business and take your business to new heights in the near future.