ABB collaborates with Captimise to simplify and reduce cost of carbon capture and storage

Posted on 29 Jul 2022 by The Manufacturer

ABB and carbon capture and storage (CCS) specialist Captimise have joined forces to help industrial CO2 emitters find the most efficient and cost-effective solution to integrate CCS into their operations and eliminate the release of CO2.

The UK Government’s Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy sets out the goal of reducing industrial CO2 carbon emissions by at least 90 per cent by 2050, with CCS cited as a key tool in achieving this.

Captimise’s 15 years’ experience across Europe and the US includes over 25 live case studies with CO2 emitters from a range of different industries.  Now, together with ABB’s depth of knowledge in the power, oil & gas, and chemicals sectors, they offer unique support to CO2 emitters as they transition to more sustainable operations.  

Through their screening study methodology, ABB and Captimise partner with operators to evaluate the alternative technologies and plant configurations available to achieve CCS, whilst considering this in the context of their wider business objectives. This and a technology agnostic approach means that the most cost optimised and appropriate solutions can be identified.

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Troy Stewart, UK lead ABB Process Automation and Head of Energy Industries UK and Ireland said: “The UK is a pioneer in its efforts to set a clear pathway to industrial decarbonisation, and initiatives such as HyNet are a testament to this. But we must remember that operators need to plug into this emerging infrastructure, the route to doing so is complex and requires significant investment. Together with Captimise our shared expertise will allow us to partner with operators on this journey, simplifying the process and achieving the highest levels of efficiency.”  

Mattias Jones, CEO Captimise added: “The UK will become a role model for other countries through their work leading the way within CCS. We are very happy that we can join forces with ABB to speed up the decarbonisation process and be able to optimise the CCS systems for CO2 emitters and assure Carbon Capture and Storage can be done at minimum cost.