Aerospace event: collaborate and secure government funds

Posted on 20 Jul 2012

To support the Government’s £20m Aerodynamics Competition, the Aerospace, Aviation & Defence KTN is hosting an event in Bristol next week.

Business Secretary Vince Cable announced that £20m worth of government money would be invested into collaborative research and development programmes at Farnborough International Airshow on 10 July.

It is an open competition being run by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), which will fund 50% of applied research projects with public funding.

Proposals must be collaborative and business-led so the event plans connect engineers in speed-dating’ style sessions so that they can take advantage of the public funding and find new ways to innovate.

The funding demands that a clear route to exploitation is essential so the participation of major manufacturers or suppliers – tier 1 or tier 2 aerospace businesses – and a mix of industrial and academic collaborators has been strongly encouraged by the TSB.

The programmes will enhance capability to support innovation in aerospace technology, encourage commercialisation of new ideas and help to spin-off technologies with wider application in other areas.

It expects to invest between £1m and £2.5m in each successful project, although projects outside this range will be considered. Projects are likely to last no longer than three years. All projects must start in 2012.

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