Agile-Stage-Gate: the r/evolution of the idea-to-launch process

Posted on 25 Apr 2016 by The Manufacturer

Introducing Agile-Stage-Gate, a webcast featuring Dr Robert Cooper.

The world has changed since Stage-Gate® was first introduced.

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This evolution of the gated innovation process is a more dynamic and flexible way of getting products to market.

It’s faster. It’s less predictable. It’s tougher. There is an insatiable appetite for more innovation and fewer fast follows.

And if you’re trying to drive new, differentiated products and services to market, your process needs to evolve.

Dr Robert G Cooper, creator of the Stage-Gate process and world renowned innovation expert, has taken a page from the popular Agile software development methodology to modernise the Stage-Gate process for the demands of today’s market.


Agile-Stage-Gate merges Agile’s time-boxed, iterative approach, focused on continuous small team engagement with Stage-Gates’ pervasive idea-to-launch model.

This evolution of the gated innovation process into a more dynamic and flexible way of getting products to market is likely to transform new product development (NPD) as we know it.

We invite you to join Dr Robert G Cooper, alongside Carrie Nauyalis – Innovation and NPD Solution Evangelist at Planview, as they discuss the marriage of these two methodologies, and the creation of a new innovation paradigm.

You’ll learn:

  • The key components from Agile that are being leveraged in New Product Development to improve innovation success
  • The benefits of upgrading your current idea-to-launch process to be an Agile-Stage-Gate process
  • The next steps you can take in your organisation to realise these benefits

Watch OnDemand here.