Airbus’ A350-900 debuted at Moscow International Air Show

Posted on 26 Aug 2015 by Aiden Burgess

Airbus has debuted its A350-900 aircraft at the 12th bi-annual Moscow International Air Show (MAKS-2015) which got underway this week.

The A350’s first delivery to the country is not for another three years, as Russian company Aeroflot continues to evaluate several details about its original order, including the timing and number of deliveries.

Aeroflot remains one of the few customers that have not decided how to proceed with their order, but have vowed not to cancel their A350-900 order in full.

Aeroflot announced last year that it expected to take the deliveries of its A350-900 order between 2018 and 2020.

Airbus is expected to be a star attraction at the MAKS-2015, having one of the few non-Russian aircraft in the flying display.

The decision by the French-based aircraft manufacturer to attend MAKS-2015 and bring the A350-900 for the first time can likely be put down to Aeroflot’s decision not to cancel its A350-900 order in full.

Airbus test pilot Frank Chapman piloted the A350-900 from Toulouse, France and landed on August 24 at the Zhukovsky Airfield which hosts MAKS-2015.

Chapman plans to perform an 8 minute flying display each day aimed at highlighting the aircraft’s manoeuvrability in a showcase similar to its star turn at the recent Paris Air Show.

Russian aviation showcase

MAKS-2015 is a showcase of the achievements of Russia’s aviation and aerospace industries, and a chance for the country to market joint projects with foreign partners.

The air show is a chance for Russia to establish business partners as it demonstrates some prototype aircraft, combat systems and experimental units that for one reason or another cannot be shown abroad.

The air show provides a unique opportunity for those involved in the aviation and space industries to hear the opinion of decision-makers of key issues related to the development, production and sale of aviation equipment and weapons.

MAKS-2015 gives these experts in the field and businessmen from the aviation and space industries an opportunity to establish multi-level connections and find new business partners.