Apprenticeship Schemes – an integral part of our Built to Last philosophy.

Posted on 4 May 2015 by The Manufacturer

In these blogs, we often talk about Built to Last as a philosophy, an engineering achievement, or even a manufacturing process. But, behind each of these examples are dedicated, brilliant teams of people bringing the principles of Built to Last to life in every aspect of the company through hard work, dedication and innovation.

As a result, we believe that our company can only be as great as the people it employs. Just as we pride ourselves on our products and services being of outstanding quality, reliable and built for longevity, we aim to build relationships with our employees on the same principles.

We’ve found that one of the key building blocks in creating working relationships that are ‘Built to Last’ is cultivating a strong apprenticeship programme that fosters loyalty, ambition and talent in those who sign up.

Apprenticeship schemes are highly beneficial to companies looking to create long term, productive relationships with their employees. They create a pool of skillful young people who can learn a huge array of new skills quickly, are looking to progress their careers and are familiar with the ethos of the business.

This means the company can develop teams of smart, loyal employees who pour their talent into creating, developing and manufacturing fantastic products, whilst rewarding their drive and innovation with perks, benefits and promotions. This mutually beneficial system is a crucial factor in the ongoing success of apprenticeship schemes.

The reciprocal nature of apprenticeships is undoubtedly one that fits perfectly into the Built to Last ethos. Apprentices at Bott consistently perform to an exceptional standard, with one apprentice, Matthew Phillips, being nominated for the Apprentice of the Year award in 2014.

Matthew developed a means of automating the programme entry into the CNC punching machine, the work being driven by the company’s “lean manufacturing approach” which looks to identify and eliminate wasteful activities. The work Matthew completed reduced machine downtime, delivering savings and importantly reducing machine set up times when changing the type of part being made.

This allowed Bott to respond to customer requirements and in so doing align operations with the customer’s needs, thus supporting the competitiveness of the company. Bott gave Matt training and an opportunity; Matt helped Bott transform an important aspect of the business and built himself the beginnings of a fulfilling career. It’s a perfect example of how the Built to Last ethos works to benefit everybody.

Apprenticeships are all about developing long term, ‘Built to last’ opportunities, for both apprentices and the companies they work for. Bott’s workforce is living proof of this, with ex apprentices working throughout the company, including on the board of directors. We’ve established long term relationships in the local community and with Exeter College, ensuring that the opportunities created by the scheme are sustainable and beneficial to all involved.

Clive Woodward, CEO, Bott Ltd.
Clive Woodward, CEO, Bott Ltd.

Clive Woodward, Bott Ltd CEO commented: “As a company we know that success is built on having a dedicated and aligned team focused on solving customer problems. At Bott, we aim to achieve this at all levels and bringing new starters in through apprenticeships is a key part of our recruitment and training program.

“A successful scheme allows young people to get a grounding in the commercial realities of a growing engineering and service business, using their creativity and learning to make a real contribution. As with all employees, our apprentices participate in an innovative profit related bonus scheme, which allows them to enjoy the fruits of our shared success.”

This is why we consider our apprenticeship scheme an integral part of our Built to Last philosophy. It’s about far more than just about providing a four year education, or a temporary boost to the workforce, but creating the foundations upon which great companies and great careers will thrive.