Areva sells nuclear instrumentation firm Canberra to Mirion

Posted on 5 Jul 2016 by Tim Brown

Areva announced on July 1, 2016, the completion of the sale to Mirion of Canberra Industries, the nuclear instrumentation and measurement business that employs approximately 1,000 staff.

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Canberra has close to 1,000 staff.

As previously disclosed by Areva in December 2015, Mirion was selected by Areva after completion of a competitive process and Mirion subsequently entered into a Share Purchase Agreement to acquire the entire share capital of Canberra from Areva.

Mirion Technologies is a global provider of radiation detection, measurement, and monitoring products and services to the nuclear, defense, and medical industries. Mirion has facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Mirion Technologies is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area and is a portfolio company of Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP.

“We are excited by the combination of Mirion and Canberra, as it creates a premier supplier of radiation safety solutions for the nuclear, defense and medical industries,” said Thomas D. Logan, Mirion’s chairman and CEO.

“Canberra has a long track record in the industry and its brand is synonymous with innovative, high quality solutions. With the support of the Canberra management team, we have already made substantial progress with our integration plans and we are confident we will achieve our goals. We have worked well with the AREVA team to achieve a smooth transition for Canberra employees, who are highly skilled and bring exceptional experience and know-how.”

Areva CEO, Philippe Knoche, said the sale of Canberra to Mirion was in line with Areva’s previously announced restructuring plan and its strategic roadmap, which released in June.

According to Knoche, Mirion was chosen by Areva in part because of its “long history as a reliable supplier to the nuclear industry, its track record of creating and maintaining highly skilled jobs in France and its strong financial backing”.

“The combination of Canberra and Mirion is a natural fit,” said Jean-Bernard Koehl, Canberra’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our businesses are highly complementary and allow us to combine our respective strengths in different industries, geographies and technologies. Our management team is excited to join with our counterparts at Mirion to achieve our shared objectives. This is an exciting day for Canberra employees, who share Mirion’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer focus.”