Attention to detail

Posted on 7 May 2008 by The Manufacturer

Door technology can be of benefit not only to the smooth running of manufacturers’ operations, but also to their energy efficiency, says Klimate

For many businesses already operating in an increasing tough and competitive environment, another obstacle has emerged – a considerable rise in the cost of energy. The UK industry has experienced rapidly rising energy prices, which has left no company unaffected. As a result, companies are now investing in ways to reduce the impact of high fuel bills, which are eroding profit margins and competitiveness.

Given that energy costs may continue to rise for years to come, businesses are reviewing the benefits of investing in more efficient plant and machinery that could reduce energy bills. Tackling the problem of these increased energy costs, the range of high speed doors from designer and manufacturer Klimate can help solve this issue by offering a good return in investment thanks to quick payback periods.

Standard slow operating doors are frequently left open when in use – a major heat loss which can significantly increase energy costs. The Ardent range of high speed doors from Klimate are designed to offer reliability under intensive use where there is a requirement to minimise heat loss or gain. Whether the requirement is for internal or external use, for a hygienic environment or for use in high wind conditions, the high speed doors can save energy and money.

The Ardent high speed doors use a single variable speed motor for customising door opening and closing times, as well as reducing door wear. Operating at adjustable opening and closing speeds of up to 2 metres per second and having a heavy duty PVC door curtain that increases the doors’ thermal insulation properties, these features help minimise heat loss and so significantly reduce energy usage.

Willerby Holiday Homes, a manufacturer that has been established for over 60 years, has been the recipient of Klimate’s most recent installation. As part of its cabshop facility improvements at the Marfleet Lane manufacturing site in Hull, Willerby invested in an additional Ardent high speed door – adding to the 14 already installed around the site. “We felt that having invested in a new heating system within our cabshop production facility, we had to ensure that the type of door we installed would endeavour to control our working temperature as we have staff working very close to the entrance.
This has been achieved through the quality and reliability of the door,” said Graham Kemp of Willerby Holiday Homes. “Another benefit we have achieved from installing the door is that it has allowed our traffic in and out of the area, which is busy, to flow smoothly without compromising production.” The technology has generated major improvements in energy management, working temperature conditions and in maximising efficiency in production areas.

Also, due to their simplistic nature, the doors can reduce maintenance costs – Klimate is able to train customers’ staff in the mechanical workings of the doors. Any minimal work or replacement of parts can be quickly and easily undertaken, in house, along with technical faults that can be rectified by liaising in conjunction with Klimate’s technical support. “Dealing with one supplier for our high speed door requirements also minimises the number of suppliers and types of door on site and in return our own maintenance team get to know how to maintain and repair the doors, therefore eliminating costly down time and lost production,” Kemp added.

Chris Halsall, sales manager for Klimate, explained that the company always looks to ensure that it is “resolving [its] customers’ requirements for having a replacement door.” For example, “in Willerby’s situation it was to conserve energy after investing in a new heating system and to allow traffic to flow smoothly. Conserving energy is an on-going challenge for companies and the key features of the Ardent range help companies to achieve this objective.”

(Published on behalf of Klimate High Speed Doors)