Audi has a new plan for the future of car ownership

Posted on 20 Jan 2016 by Aiden Burgess

German automotive maker launches innovative Audi on demand program

Audi is leading the way in regards to the future ownership of cars after introducing its Audi On Demand program in San Francisco last year.

The Audi on demand is an innovative mobility program where customers can reserve an Audi by the day for up to 28 days.

The German car maker allows customers to experience the Audi brand and its range of vehicles at the touch of a button, with the premium service currently available in San Francisco and is set to be rolled out across additional US cities in the coming years.

The Audi on demand program gives customers access to a wide range of the Audi vehicles – from the Audi A4 sedan to the Audi R8 supercar.

The innovative mobility program allows customers to select their preferred Audi model via the Audi on demand app.

The car is then personally delivered to them at the location of their choice by an Audi on demand concierge, who will help the customer become accustomed to the vehicle, helping them to get acquainted with their Audi of choice by undertaking anything from setting their musical preferences to tailoring the navigation system.

How much does Audi on demand cost?

No membership fee is required for Audi on demand, with customers having the ability to enable driving via a personal key card.

The cost for hiring a car ranges from $155 per day for an A4 to $1,285 for an R8 Spyder.

Audi on demand enables drivers to find specific vehicles which match their driving needs, an example being that if customers are planning a trip to the mountains they would be able to request an Audi Q5, while those looking to arrive in style to a social event or an area like wine country might request the sporty S7, RS 5 or R8.

Audi on demand also allows customers to customize their vehicles with several complimentary accessories, including child safety seats and ski and bicycle racks for certain models.

All the trimmings

All Audi on demand vehicles come equipped with Premium Plus trim and complimentary additional features, such as SiriusXM satellite radio and MMI Navigation plus, and the quattro all-wheel drive.

According to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Audi of America, Mark Del Rosso, the Audi on demand program takes customer service to the next level by providing a deluxe experience.

“Audi on demand embodies the brand’s core values of technological progress and a love for discovery,” he said.

“The service is rooted in customization, personalization and having the right car for the right moment,

“While competing services point their customers to vehicles parked on the street, Audi on demand delivers a truly premium experience, with concierges personally delivering and returning vehicles for customers where and when they need them.”

With Audi having launched their innovative mobility program, other car companies have also prepared for a changing future in terms of car ownership.

Faraday and Ford’s take on car ownership

Faraday Future recently announced its plan to select Las Vegas as the location for its $1b state-of-the art North American production facility.

The California-based company plans to produce 100% electric vehicles that offer seamless connectivity to the outside world, while also planning to focus on other automotive aspects such as the concept of unique ownership models.

One of its models was unveiled during the recent 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Faraday Future revealed its first concept car, the FFZER01, which provided a closer look at its upcoming line of production vehicles which are set to feature a bespoke, modular electric platform; the Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), which the company claims can be rapidly reconfigured to suit different vehicle types.

Ford is another company which has taken the lead in creating an alternative ownership model.

The US car company has created a new pilot program for a shared car purchase option, which allows Ford Credit buyers in Austin, Texas to self-organize into a group ownership model involving three to six people, where lease groups can purchase a vehicle on 24-month lease as a group and set up ownership fractions based on required driving times.