Bloodhound launches supersonic cockpit

Posted on 13 Jun 2014 by Victoria Fitzgerald

Today the Bloodhound Project launched its supersonic car’s cockpit at the Bloodhound Technical Centre in Avonmouth, Bristol.

Lead engineer and driver Andy Green, who will use the car to break his own world land speed record, has hailed it his “1,000mph office”.

The carbon fibre cockpit, which took more than 10,000 hours to design and manufacture, features a 200kg carbon monocoque safety cell, fighter jet inspired instrumentation and 3D printed components.

Bloodhound is 12 months from full assembly and is planned to go to South Africa in Autumn 2015 to break the current land speed record of 763mph, there are also plans to return in 2016 to exceed 1,000mph.

TM’s Callum Bentley is live tweeting from the event. Follow him @cal_bentley